We combine industry expertise, reliability and our communication skills.
For your B2B success.

What do you see?

As you notice: The perspective is decisive. And that is exactly what characterizes the way we work. A topic cannot be observed only from one viewpoint. That is why we change our perspective. So that your business repeatedly gets new twists. That is what makes our creativity.

Hello World!

We are team workers. We combine our various expertises to develop custom-fit and successful communication strategies for you. Would you like to find out more about our team? Here is where we introduce ourselves.

This is us

This is how we do it

We are your partner. We work with you, put your business in our focus, support you through consulting and with the suitable measures. Would you like to find out more about the way we work? Find out more here.

Our methods


As owner of ARTAVO, a sales strategy consulting firm, I carefully decide which external service providers I recommend to my customers. With Drunk Octopus Communications I don’t have to think twice to be sure: They know exactly what they are doing and are very good at it. Absolutely recommendable for me.

Arne Vogt, Owner of Artavo

For several years we’ve been successfully working together with Drunk Octopus. Ever since then, we appreciate the reliability and the great network in the industry. The Drunk Octopus team has the ability to become familiar with complex topics and always has an open ear for our ideas. When it comes to PR, the agency is a good sparring partner.

Marco Föllmer, Founder and Managing Partner of EBF GmbH

Our work with Drunk Octopus is very effective, reliable and eye-to-eye. We set goals together, create compelling content and constantly try out new things. Drunk Octopus makes PR and itself measurable, I like that very much.

Erika Stefan, Marketing Manager at Klaiton

Drunk Octopus Communications is more than just a classic Content and PR agency: With Drunk Octopus, we have found a reliable partner for all of our communication projects.
Customer and solution orientation are of great value at Drunk Octopus.

Isabelle Taureck, Managing Director EMEA at Magnolia

Quick comprehension skills, the ability to explain complex topics and creativity: That, to me, is Drunk Octopus Communications.
Not long ago the consultants listened to a Webinar of mine instead of waiting for an individual meeting. This saved an enormous amount of time and showed genuine commitment. Ideas like these reduce coordination effort to a minimum and facilitate the work together.

Johannes Seidel, Managing Director of JERA

To us, Drunk Octopus Communications isn’t just an agency. They are like an internal department that, so to speak, operates for us professionally from the home office. These additional eight arms support us since the very beginning.
With all the growth and the constant changes of the last years it feels as if we were one – or as we like to say: ONE.

Micha Augstein, Geschäftsführer bei Parcel.One

Drunk Octopus Communications’ work for us means absolute flexibility in unwieldy realities.

Stephan Engau, Managing Partner at Kosmonaut
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