We focus on you. Not us.

Our methods

With our expertise, we can consult you in any given situation with the fitting strategies. Our methods are characterized by ten main attributes.

We focus on you. Not us.

Through an initial phone call we figure out where we can help, what goals you’re pursuing and what you need to achieve them.

We listen to you as a partner.

Your needs come first. We address what you need and don’t overwhelm you with the latest trends if you don’t need them for your goals. We understand your needs and jointly develop the most fitting communication.

We are flexible and work effectively.

With us, there are no general ready-made solutions. We adapt to your individual needs, using our diverse set of skills to achieve what is best for you. To do this, we can work with a strategic or operational focus, or even with a mix of both.

We are responsible and act with integrity.

We know and fully understand all of our client’s business models. Our approach to consultation is objective and honest.

We are reliable and there for you.

We keep deadlines and are always available, no matter if you’re in a crisis or want advice in day-to-day business.

We have well-established networks and know our way around.

As experts in our industry, we have knowledge about the latest important developments, what changes are coming up and how you can use them for your benefits.

We help each other out.

Our work is not a one-person-show. We work as a team, with you and with each other. Every member of Drunk Octopus has their own skill set which gets incorporated in our day-to-day work, helping us to collectively work successfully.

We make mistakes – but very few.

We ensure the quality of our work by verifying every task by a second person. The demand we have on ourselves is high.

We are successful.

As an agency with a hands-on way of working we convince with creative solutions and consulting at eye level. The mixture of industry knowledge, reliability and communication skills will take you further – and us as well.

And we are funny.

Having fun and being casual with one another balances out the deep dive work we do on a daily basis. For us, working in a comfortable environment is part of success.

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